How do they rise up?

They rise feet up . . .

How do they rise?
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The main purpose of this community is to get as many people as possible to wear lilacs on May 25 as possible, though most of the time we're a just plain fun Discworld community.

If you can't get ahold of any fresh lilacs on May 25, no worries. Fake lilacs or a picture of lilacs are just fine, and we're also trying to get as many lilac icons as possible around lj that day. The point is to get people to notice and to ask, really.

We also want to take over the internet with lilac icons. The icon list is ovah heah, if you want to grab one (or three) in preparation for The Big Day. If you know of/have any not posted here, please get either undeadgoat or gabbysun a link.

Things we love you when you post:
- Lilac icons. We love you for this. We need more icon beauty!
- Community advertisement banners OR
- Get-out-the-lilac banners. We're actively soliciting both of these.
- Lilac layouts. It'd be beautiful if people were using these

But we also like discussions, pictures of you wearing lilacs, websites with pictures of lilacs, websites that sell lilac towels, and so on. Fanfiction, fanart (especially with lilacs in), OMG look at my Sims2 with Discworld people, etc. are also very acceptable.

Posts should be Discworld or Pratchett (or May 25) related in some way; OT posts should at least be something that has to do with members of this community and should be marked in the subject line. Use your common sense -- don't spam, don't troll, being Discfreaks is teh goodness, etc.

We'd like it if you hid spoilers behind cuts, too. For Night Watch not so much, but just be careful -- not everyone's read everything, and there are some things people will not want spoiled.

Introducing is allowed, but we still would like it if you had actual content in your post.

If you haven't read Night Watch yet, the basic premise of the community probably makes no sense to you. You can join if you want, but be warned -- spoilers for that particular book are fair game for the community.

Read der rules

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